Marble Restoration

Terrazzo & Marble Restoration

Terrazzo - terazo - terrazo - terazzo - terraso, no matter how you spell, it we can polish your floors back to new. North East Commercial Cleaning Terrazzo Restoration can restore, clean or polish your valuable terrazzo floors right the first time, or we can come back to repair someone else's work. We use an advanced Terrazzo floor polishing Dry Diamond process to produce a natural High Gloss, glass-like shine on your terrazzo floors. When it comes to polishing terrazzo floors, if your Terrazzo floors weren't professionally diamond-polished after installation, or haven't been professionally polished in the last 5-7 years, then you're not seeing your terrazzo floor's true natural glow; we can correct that, we also fix do it yourself chemical stain & spill mistakes.

Terrazzo restoration is very popular all over the UK. We can correct cracks, stains, carpet tack strip holes and any other problems; we can bring your terrazzo floors back to new. You'll save time, money, and you'll also get your flooring job done right the very first time. Call or e-mail us today for a Free Quote AND a Free Expert analysis of your terrazzo floors current condition at no extra cost.

Having your Terrazzo floors restored, polished, cleaned or freshly installed today is more affordable than ever. Don't spend more money covering them with boring carpet; have your valuable floors professionally restored for a lot less. Terrazzo Restoration - We are the real deal when it comes to terazzo restoration.