Floor Care & Treatments

A properly polished floor can brighten an entire room or work space. Northeast Commercial Cleaning offer top quality professional floor polishing services throughout Great Britain for all types of hard-surface flooring. Whether you have wood, marble, vinyl or linoleum, we have experience with clients from the residential market, offices, and schools to theatres, restaurants, showrooms and more.

Wood floors require more attention than perhaps any other hard-surface floor. A professional polishing will bring back the unmistakable beauty of your hardwood flooring, when it has become dull due to regular use. We offer a variety of hardwood maintenance services to renew the appearance and maintain the quality of your wood floors.

In most cases, floor polishing is performed twice per year, but your needs may differ depending on the amount of traffic your floors experience. While the polishing process cannot remove noticeable scratches, it nonetheless makes a remarkable difference in your floor.

Services we provide include:

• Wood floor sanding and varnishing

• Polish removal

• Polishing of wood and vinyl floor

Our service prices include:

• Site visit and service needs evaluation

• Site pre-clean and preparation

• Professional materials and equipment

• Highly-trained technical team